A New Home

Duchess knew this day had to come eventually. The smoky black she-cat stood with yellow eyes narrowed as one by one twolegs filed into her quaint nest. Or was it truly her nest? In reality, it belonged to her housefolk, a military-minded woman overwhelmed by the amount of cats she owned and no doubt relieved to have these kittens rehomed. She listened with surprising nonchalance as the thud of new feet creaked against the floorboards and a crowd of excited twolegs shuffled in through the door. A sort of stillness had settled over the she-cat. What was it her mate had said before she lost him to the woods? The wilds were safer, freer. The kittens would be happier. But she saw with her own eyes the cruelty of the world beyond twolegplace, knew her kittens would never be safe unless cradled in the arms of a twoleg. So here she was. About to lose them forever, but at least they would live happily elsewhere.

Welcome back to the Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge! I know I haven’t updated in awhile, but it is really difficult to keep these things consistent I suppose. This will be our final farewell to the beautiful Duchess, a character I have grown quite fond of over the past few weeks. The kittens have hit an age where they are old enough to be rehomed, and we will be following Tilly to a new twoleg nest and family elsewhere! After that is done, there will be a timeskip of three months and the kittens will all be aged up to “adults”, though we will consider them apprentice-aged. I’m really excited! I have a great plan for how this story is going to go, and trust me, Tilly’s curiosity about the wild and the fate of her Clan-born father will only intensify. Finally, we can start getting this show on the road!

Rise of a New Challenge

In the past, I have always stuck to challenges that were story-based, and while this new challenge I will be taking on for the Sims 3 still keeps that same story-telling format, it is mostly a business running challenge. This challenge requires us to minimize the number of cheats that we use and to make as much money as possible.

The rules of the challenge can be viewed here.

We will be beginning our challenge as Emilie, a young woman in her early or late twenties who moved to the city after an argument with her now ex-boyfriend went sour. Emilie has a huge love for cats, and herself of course. Amidst a string of random lovers and several amorous encounters, Emilie will suddenly get the idea to use up some of the money she received from her generous but distant millionaire parents. They want little to do with her and will pay her money just to stay away.

Emilie has noticed that the city has been overrun with strays, many of which are being put down due to overcrowding. She decides (without any selfish intent of course) to set up an animal rescue centre to take some of the pressure off the only other adoption centre available in the city. Initially, Emilie’s centre is only qualified to rescue cats, but eventually, she hopes to be able to rehabilitate dogs, too. Perhaps even horses!


Duchess stared helplessly at her son, yellow eyes full of sorrow. She was being subjected to yet another bombardment of questions from her kittens about their father, whom she had spoken of on occasion. Winston’s curiosity had grown into anger when she refused to answer his questions, and she could see it in his tiny blue eyes, so much like his father’s. “I bet the reason you won’t tell us about dad is that he left because of you!” The kitten announced finally, frustrated claws digging into the wood beneath his feet. Duchess flinched. “Bed. Now.” The she-cat said firmly, and though Winston continued to glare at her he stormed off obediently. Duchess closed her eyes. The worst part of what her son had said had been that it was true.

Weather has been on and off lately in the Sims warriors challenge. We’ve gotten a bit of hail mixed in with rain, and a few of the kittens’ first thunderstorms! The first one woke poor Tilly up when she was in the middle of a nap and the first thought she had was that a fox was coming to eat her family! Winston and Tilly continue to be curious about their father, but both go about it in different ways. Winston is angry that his mother is keeping so much from them, while Tilly is simply wondering why.

A kitten’s first steps

The scuffle of paws behind him made his tiny grey ears twitch in amusement. He kept his cornflower blue eyes fixed on the huge countertops that loomed above him as he listened to his sister’s harsh breath, wondering with a grin if she was trying to keep quiet. When she leaped, he simply side-stepped, watching in glee as she rolled across the smooth kitchen tiles in a flurry of kitten fluff. “Nice try, Tilly.” Winston smirked, shaking out his black and grey fur. Tilly struggled to her paws, casting a glare back at her brother with her odd-coloured eyes. “Shut up, Winston.” She muttered defensively, though Winston’s grin only widened. His sister loved to think that she was a stealthy and indomitable hunter, and he relished proving otherwise. “Come on, Tilly.” He purred. “Me and Alex are gonna go see how high we can climb on the shelves. You can come too, but only if you can make it there without tripping over your own tail!”

The Sims 3 Warrior Cats challenge has begun! Unlike most versions of this challenge, we will be starting this challenge as a kitten and working our way up to adult before we begin founding our Clan. Tilly and Winston, along with their littermates Alex, Olive, Jynx and Bear, are young kittens born to a kittypet mother and a feral, absent father. Tilly is fascinated by her mother’s stories of their father, who was apparently an important member of a large group of noble cats who live without housefolk. She begins to fantasize about leaving her cozy twoleg home to seek out her father in the wild, but her mother always stands in her way, terrified that she will lose her kits to the harsh wilderness beyond the comfort of their artificial nests.